19 November 2013

First pictures of the cabin interior installation in the MSN2 third A350 flying prototype.

Patrick du Ché is the head of development flight tests and is also responsible for the development of the A350 XWB flight test campaign. “We´ve prepared very deeply for this flight test campaign and now it´s paying off”, he said. “Full speed ahead!”

MSN2 cabin interior installation

The MSN2 is the first test aircraft with a cabin. “This aircraft should join the fleet in early 2014 and then we´ll start carrying passengers and performing tests of the cabin and all of the cabin systems.”

MSN2 cabin interior installation

“If you are wondering why MSN2 is the third test aircraft, thanks to advancements in on-ground cabin testing, we didn´t need it before MSN3. So we built MSN3 earlier than planned, but kept the same MSN numbers” Patrick du Ché said.

MSN2 cabin interior installation

The MSN5 is a key aircraft for Airbus; “it will have a cabin and it will have all of the modification and improvements that we´ve made since testing began. It should be ready in spring, just months before we´ll deliver to our first customer, Qatar Airlines.”

MSN2 cabin interior installation

MSN5 will carry passengers as it basically makes a round-the-world trip during what Airbus call “route proving”, when they probe themselves and to their customers that the aircraft will do the job that it is supposed to do.


Based on the article “En route for certification” published by Airbus.

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