06 February 2015

A350-1000 Rear Fuselage shell manufacturing started

Premium Aerotec has officially started the manufacturing of the rear-fuselage side shells for the A350-1000 version at the Augsburg site. In October/2014 Premium Aerotec site of Nordenham had already started the production of its workpackage on the A350-1000.

The ceremony was held last Friday 30/January with the attendance of more than 200 employees.

The head of the A350 program at Premium Aerotec Joachim Nägele and the COO Andreas Fehring, thanked the team: "It is great to work with a highly motivated team at the most modern aircraft in the world. The excellent work that provide our employees makes me confident for the further ramp-up."

Premium Aerotec manufactures at Augsburg site the side shells of the rear fuselage (section 16/18), the floor structure and the aft pressure bulkhead. In Nordenham site, the full front fuselage section 13/14 is manufactured. The front and the rear fuselage section of the A350-1000 are each over 3 metres longer than the 900.

The A350-1000 introduces important innovations: for the highly complex structure of door frames, Premium Aerotec has developed an own CFRP solution together with Airbus for the first time. It contributes to significant weight & cost savings. In addition, the production time has been challenged with modifications in the production process.

Based on the press release “Premium AEROTEC beginnt mit der Fertigung der A350-1000”

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  1. Will those innovations and enhancements in production assigned to the 900 program too?