28 February 2015

Airbus no longer mentions the A350-800 in their press releases

Starting with the press release of the visit to Madrid airport of the A350 last 19/Feb, Airbus has stopped mentioning the A350-800 as a A350 family member.

Source: Airbus

"The A350 XWB is available in 2 basic passenger versions: the A350-900 seating 315 passenger and the A350-1000 for 369 in a typical two-class layout."

Source: Marina Lystseva

With 16 orders (from Aeroflot and Asiana Airlines, 8 each), the smaller member of the A350 family has not officially cancelled.


  1. What are you waiting for airbus, its ok to admit defeat, boeing has done it with the 787-3...

  2. Same reason why the Kingfisher orders are still on the books even though their license to operate/fly has expired, thus making them incapable of taking any planes.

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