07 February 2015

Spirit AeroSystems maintains the A350 delivery rate

Spirit AeroSystems reported Q4/2014 and full-year 2014 financial results driven by strong mature program operating performance. Spirit's Q4/2014 revenues were $1.6 billion, up from $1.5 billion for the same period of 2013.

Source: Felix Gottwald

"This was a record year for sales and deliveries; 2014 was a year of transition for Spirit. We addressed performance challenges in both development and production, we improved productivity and quality, and we mitigated risk as exemplified by the sale of the Gulfstream wing programs," said President and CEO Larry Lawson

"Our objectives for 2015 are well defined. We will continue to focus on increasing productivity, making thoughtful investments in preparation for rate increases, continuing progress on A350, increasing our emphasis on long-term growth, and addressing how we deploy capital," Lawson concluded.

Lawson detailed that progress on A350 fuselage section in Q4 equaled 18% cost reduction over Q3. And deliveries were the same than in Q2.

"We've made good progress. We've got a solid foundation for our company moving forward. We believe we are on the right programs. We are going deeper into our operations," Lawson said.

In 2014 Spirit delivered the double number of A350 shipsets than in 2013.

Source: Felix Gottwald

A350 Deliveries from Spirit AeroSystems.

2012       Q1:#1.   Q2:#0.    Q3:#1.     Q4:#1.     Subtotal: #3
2013       Q1:#2.   Q2:#1.    Q3:#1.     Q4:#4.     Subtotal: #8
2014       Q1:#2.   Q2:#5.    Q3:#4.     Q4:#5.     Subtotal: #16

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