01 February 2015

A350 Airline1: mirror airline operations.

One of the most important and key enablers for A350 maturity has been the Airline1 concept.

Operational Scenarios successfully tested.

Focus on delivering the A350 XWB with the highest dispatch reliability, the concept is simple; to operate and test the aircraft as much as possible in an operational environment, use the maintenance and support systems that A350 customers would have, capture their findings as soon as possible, and fix small issues quickly. 

The Airline 1 concept is a means to accelerate the aircraft maturity at the end of development and it's objetive is to prepare rapid solving of in-service issues (called TTGF).

A350 XWB Maintenance-Demo  5 day workshop in October/2014 

Two different approaches have been considered in paralell; Aircraft maturity (with Product Maturity Items, Operational Test Campaign, Technical Publications and Ground Support Equipments related tasks) and Aircraft operability (with Dispatch Operations, Built in Test, Maintenance Efficiency and Component removal tasks considered).

All pictures Source: Airbus

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