18 February 2015

Design authority delegation for KAI's A350 workpackage

Korea Aerospace Industries has received from Airbus the Design Approval Authority (AP1020) delegation  over the wing ribs for the A350-900.

This is the first time such rights are granted to an Asian aircraft parts supplier.

Source: Airbus

The rights give KAI a broad degree of autonomy in relation to the design, testing, and certification on the A350X wing rib structure. 

The company will apply the rights to the ongoing wing rib development of the A350-1000 aircraft and expects to cut design time and cost. 

Source: Airbus

The wing ribs are exclusively produced at the "A350 Factory", located at the headquarters in Sacheon, Gyeongnam Province. The factory was completed in 2010 to build the automation production lines 100%. 

Bruno Hernandez Airbus Wing-Ribs Program Manager said KAI has excellent processes and the capabilities of its management team is "impressive".

Based on the article "KAI obtains A350 wing rib design rights" published in Flightglobal.

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