07 November 2012

...and the “Hallo-wing” arrived as scheduled, allowing MSN001 wing-join up.

Airbus has released today the photo below in the new dedicated web to demonstrate the MSN001 final assembly is progressing as scheduled. The wings are being attached to the fuselage and other finishing activities -such as the spoilers- are being also installed. The wing root joint is an already demonstrated process in the Static Specimen and no special issues are expected. But the work in the FAL is intense, also during the night as can be appreciated in the photo.

After the wing /fuselage junction, the Horizontal & Vertical stabilizers will be installed in following days or weeks in November. The full aircraft power-on is expected before end of the year.

 Meanwhile, the Static Specimen MSN5000 will be moved to another site in Toulouse airport (the photos and videos of this “roll-out” will be show all around the world, for sure) to prepare for the Static tests start in 2013.


  1. thanks to your article, I noticed that there is a new Airbus website for A350 XWB

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