06 November 2012

The recently inaugurated “Roger Béteille hall” in the A350 XWB Final Assembly Line will be the first but not the unique hall.

The purpose-built L-shaped facility “Roger Béteille” will be used initially for the full final assembly process of the aircraft, until another hangar across the tarmac is added in 2014 to expand capacity.
 FAL Airbus´ greenest ever. Click image to show the video
Work is progressing on a second assembly hall that will allow Airbus to increase production rates starting in 2014. Initial assembly is performed in one hall that includes 4 stations, three of which are duplicated: Station 50 for fuselage assembly, Station 40 for wing-to-body-join, and Station 30 for systems-testing and cabin installation.
Once the second hall is completed, the #2 Station 30s will move to it and another #2 will be added. #2 more Station 40s will be added in the current building in the freed up space.
 Making-off the A350 FAL 1st hall in Toulouse. Click image to show the video

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