11 February 2013

A350 XWB Supply Chain under very close supervision. Not only Spirit.

"Securing the supply chain is a priority objective," stated Fabrice Brégier. As for Airbus, it is "a need for a supply chain that delivers on time and ahead time".
The aircraft manufacturer had many aircraft late in December. Finnaly, and forced, Airbus managed to deliver all its aircraft in 2012. But the management of the "supply chain" is once again one of the great challenges of the year while suppliers are being sought for the high rates of Airbus but also other manufacturers on the start line of the ramp up.
In addition, technological challenges are also creating tensions. For example, the American Spirit, a central risk-sharing-partner for the A350 composite panels, apparently has problems to master some new developments for the program and its own supply chain. Airbus has sent its own teams to help Spirit in difficulty.
Didier Evrard during a visit to Spirit´s Kinston NC facility
This is also the case of Premium Aerotec on the A320.

While the financial situation of certain suppliers is tense, Airbus must necessarily consider the equity participation in the capital of undertakings in difficulties.

The aircraft manufacturer has done twice in the past. He has recently rescued Spanish Alestis in a similar way it done with the German PFW, ina a temporary operation.
Based on the article “A350, A380, A400M, "supply chain" tendue... les quatre grands défis d'Airbus pour 2013” published in La Tribune

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