15 February 2014

Another 10 A350-800 converted to A350-900 in January.

A look at Airbus' January 2014 orders & deliveries report reveals that 2 more customers have switched from the A350-800XWB to the larger A350-900XWB model. ILFC switched its remaining 6 A350-800XWBs on order to the A350-900XWB model while Libyan Arab Airlines did the same for its remaining 4 aircraft. This brings the total number of A350-800XWBs on order to 46 among just 6 customers.

ILFC had been a customer for the first iteration of the A350, but amended its agreement in 2007 following the launch of the A350 XWB family. It placed orders for 12 A350-800s and 8 A350-900s but subsequently converted all but 6 A350-800s to the larger variant.
The latest customer data from Airbus shows that ILFC has switched these 6 remaining aircraft and all 20 are confirmed as -900s.

Libyan Airlines placed its order for four A350-800s in January 2008. Airbus says the carrier placed a "repeat order" for the A350 last month, with a deal for 2 A350-900s, but the backlog data shows that it has also converted all 4 A350-800s and, as a result, has 6 A350-900s on order.

The A350 XWB family orderbook recovers the figure of 814 orders after Libyan Airlines ordered an additional pair of -900s under its revised agreement of January.

Based on the article “Two More Customers Drop The A350-800XWB” published in Aviation Week and on the article “ILFC and Libyan convert all A350-800s to -900s” published in FlightGlobal

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  1. Airbus is not selling A350-800 now. The difference between A350-800 and -900 should be about 20%. A350-900 is 315pax. In that case A350-800 should be 262pax (one or two frames shorter the current -800) with three versions: Normal (246t), Ultra Long (over 9000nm range, MTOW 268t and additional tanks with 21t extra fuel) and Regional (very light weight – around 199t: smaller engines, lighter wings, medium range below 5000nm).