25 February 2014

Qatar will fly to New York with A350s in 2015.

Qatar Airways, the largest customer of the A350 is prepared for the arrival of its first A350-900s later this year.

The airline says it will not be able to assess whether the -900 has met performance targets until it enters service in the fourth quarter, but remains confident that the program is on track.

Qatar Airways CEO Al Baker added: “I cannot say anything about the performance until the aircraft is delivered. On paper we have a lot of guarantees, but when we start flying it, we will have to see”.

After initially using the A350 on intra-Gulf services for training, Qatar will operate the A350s first long-haul services to New York and subsequently European routes.

Based on the article “Qatar in talks to order more A350s” published in Flight International

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  1. Brilliant move!! The A340's were the best planes for this route and sadly Etihad dropped it. The 777's feel big and crowded and give the feeling of "an evacuation" of masses of people. Brilliant and insightful move by a premium airline that understands that in the end "passenger experiences" are the one of the most important aspects of the business model of a premium carrier. The A350 will feel like a big private jet as opposed to a jumbo jet carrying masses of people. Hats off to Qatar. The passengers will come.