07 February 2014

Spanish Tier1 Alestis rescue-plan. “It was an exclusively financial issue” Brégier said.

Brégier answered a question from a Spanish journalist on the situation of Alestis, the Tier1 in charge of the A350 Belly Fairing and the fuselage section 19.1.

Brégier stated that the company has never had problems neither on deliveries nor in quality but the problem is of a financial nature. Brégier described as "very rare" the topic of Alestis: "I think that the problem of Alestis is already solved. We are expecting still the green light from the European Commission. What happened to Alestis has been a very rare issue. "

MSN3 in Canada

"Alestis is a very capable company, which has been doing a great job in all programs, but it broke and we had to take control. But negotiations have been very complex, they have taken a long time, but they came to fruition at the end of the year. Thus, instead of having to close the sites, with the consequent loss of jobs, we decided to contribute to the rescue-plan, since it was an exclusively financial issue."

Brégier also told the Spanish press that he did not believe that there was any problem with the Community authorities regarding the takeover of the capital by Airbus and the contribution that both the Spanish and the Regional governments must continue. Brégier explained that: "Is not subsidies, but go to pay the debts incurred by Alestis."

Based on the article “El presidente de Airbus tacha de “hipócrita” la postura de Boeing con las ayudas al B-777X” published in FlyNews.

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