29 June 2014

A350 Industrial Progress

During the Innovation Days held in Toulouse on 12/June, Airbus A350 Head of Program Didier Evrard presented the status of different workpackages and sections of the A350-900 on the pre-FALs in Europe to remark that the target is to be at rate3 by the end of 2014 and that the ramp-up has already started.

Source: FlighGlobal

Considering that in the FAL at Toulouse, the final assembly of the MSN10 has started, this is a summary of the workpackages being assembled in each site:

Nantes                starting MSN39                 centre wing box and keel beam
St. Nazaire          starting MSN18                 centre fuselage and front fuselage
Broughton           starting MSN17                 wing box
Bremen               starting MSN11                 wing equipping
Hamburg             starting MSN18                 forward&aft fus, rear pressure bulkhd install
Stade                   starting MSN29                 aft fus upper shell, wing upper cover and VTP
Illescas                starting MSN38                 section 19, wing lower cover
Puerto Real         starting MSN24                 Horizontal Tail Plane box
Getafe                  starting MSN28                 section 19 assembly and Horizontal Tail plane

Based on the presentation of Didier Evrard during the Innovation Days available here.

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