26 June 2014

A350 Terminal Servicing & Handling tests

During the A350 certification test campaign, the MSN4 flight test prototype has been used to check and confirm typical ramp layouts. Airbus has tested in late-April at Toulouse airport  typical turn round scenarios  showing the various GSE items in position.

These ramp layouts show typical arrangements only. Each operator will have its own specific requirements/regulations for the positioning and operation on the ramp.

The Stand Safety Line -in red- delimits the Aircraft Safety Area (minimum distance of 7.50 m. from the aircraft). No vehicle must be parked in this area before complete stop of the aircraft (wheel chocks in position on landing gears)

Full Servicing Turn Around Time TRT of the A350 is 61minutes as it is shown above.

Based on the Airbus' document "Aircraft Characteristics for Airport and Maintenance Planning"

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