02 June 2014

A350 XWB begins the Early Long Flights tests Program. Video

The Airbus A350 XWB has started a campaign of Early Long Flights with cabin crew and 

Airbus employee passengers. The MSN2 test aircraft equipped with cabin, took off on the first of 2 Early Long Flights from Toulouse-Blagnac airport at 09.20hrs (local). The two flights will be operated in a real airline environment with Air France and Lufthansa cabin crew.

Click on the picture to watch a video

Covering all types of flight conditions, the flights will be completed during the week with almost 250 passengers on board comprising Airbus employees, and some 30 cabin experts from Airbus and equipment manufacturers.

The Early Long Flights are not part of the technical certification program but remain an important step towards the A350’s maturity at entry into service.

 Based on the press release "Airbus A350XWB embarks on Early Long Flights in typical operating conditions, with airline crew and  passengers"

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