02 March 2015

A350-1000 engine 3rd example on its way to Canada for ice testing.

10 months after delivery to Airbus of the first Trent XWWB-84 engines to the A350-900, and 8 months after its first engine run, its sibling the Trent XWB-97 is well into test schedule, with a 3rdexample on its way to Manitoba (Canada) to begin ice testing, and a 4th about to be powered up for the first time.

“We will deliver the first flying testbed engine in Q2 and it will fly –depending on Airbus of course- in Q3” said Simon Burr, Rolls-Royce´s director of the Trent XWB Program.

The largest version of the widebody is expected to fly around summer next year, ahead of its entry into service in 2017.

Source: FlightGlobal

By the end of 2015 R-R expects to be building one Trent XWB-97 a month, and with “well over” 70 Trent XWB-84s due to be delivered in 2015, production rates for both variants combined will have reached one a day, being built on pulsing / moving-lines, a first for Rolls Royce.

Based on the article “Rolls Royce aims for perfect ten“ published in Flight International.


  1. Good to see Rolls Royce on their game.But the note about "Depending on Airbus" is worrying after the dismal start of production on its A350,at least 7 aircraft behind going by their own forecast. 10 a month? yea right ,never going to happen. Shades of the A380 shambles.

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  3. Well latest announcement is good news for Rolls Royce-17 A350's in final assembly! Lets hope it gathers momentum from here on in.