20 March 2015

Airbus COO Customers John Leahy about the A350 XWB.

Las 9/Marh, John Leahy, COO customer of Airbus, presented at ISTAT. Regarding the A350 XWB, these are some phrases summarized by Leeham News and comment.

“We want to put our money in R&D. We don’t want to finance customers. 50% of all aircraft are now being financed by lessors, either through direct purchase or sale-leasebacks.”

The example is the first A350s delivered to Qatar and Finnair that has been financed by GECAS.

Source: FranceBleu

We’ve looked at stretching the A350-1000 but it’s not obvious to us the market is screaming for it. Boeing added 35t for 35 extra seats for 777-9. A350-1000 has lower risk. If you do need those extra seats, we build the A380.”

Source: Lee Halford

“Airbus will deliver 10-15 A350s this year. Going slow to get it right. It’s the most mature airplane we have ever delivered.”

Based on the article “ISTAT: John Leahy: No bubble for at least the next five years” published in Leeham News and comment


  1. Get the bloody things built!!!! 10 this year? What year? only 2 in the first 3months! Should be at least 3 per month by your own assessment;3 per month year end 2014 and 5 per month year end 2015. Your already 7 adrift.

  2. Well, the latest announcement makes me eat my words-17 aircraft in final assembly-great news. Now push on and get them delivered and more. This can only be good for sales.