29 March 2015

A350 XWB will be at Paris Air Show in June

Paris air show's managing director Gilles Fournier has confirmed that the Airbus A350 will fly.

Source: Jorge Guardia

The Paris air show will take place on 15 to 21 June. The 51st Paris air show is slated to host more than 2,200 exhibitors this year and 285 official delegations.

The show organizers are still in the process of firming up the aircraft that will be on display.

Two years ago the A350 1st flight prototype made a flight appear only some days after the First Flight.

For 2015 a static display and a flight display is expected.

And probably we could see one of the first customer´s A350 painted in Qatar Airways and / or Vietnam Airlines.

Regarding the Paris Air Show, on 2015 there will be no US military aircraft flying-display and it is not confirmed yet the Bombardier C-Series show debut.

Based on the article “No US military aircraft in Paris flying display” published in FlightGlobal


  1. Lets hope that Airbus have a makeover of their paintwork on the A350 and do something really striking for the Paris Airshow.

    1. As with the ladies you need fantastic paintwork to overcome shortcomings in the basic object.
      IMHO there is no need for Airbus to emulate Boeing ;-)

    2. The shortcomings are not the in the aircraft but in Airbus's own ability to deliver. I mean 2 in three months?? Whats the point of Paris Air Show if they cant even keep up in the first production year? Shades of the A380 shambles.

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  2. Finally news that Airbus has 17 A350's in final assembly,good news, in that it shows confidence in the aircraft,which can only be good for sales.