25 March 2015

Airline 1 concept welcomed by A350 customers.

When the A350-900 entered commercial service on 15/Jan/2015 with Qatar Airways, it did so with an unprecedented maturity level thanks to the multi-functional, collaborative platform called Airline 1.

Launched on the A350’s June/2013 maiden flight, Airbus’ Airline 1 mirrored airline-like operations and maintenance for each of the 5 A350 flight test aircraft – incorporating all documentation and tools used by actual airlines, with the objective of reducing technical issues that typically surface after entry-to-service.

At the heart of Airline 1 is the Maintenance Control Centre (MCC), which followed all flight test aircraft in real time, performing actual aircraft data capture.

Source: Airbus

In a flowing process, the next steps are planned while the preceding steps are still being implemented – securing all maintenance activities in due time.

Among the elements tested by Airline 1 are: technical documentation that is provided to airlines, various maintenance tools, the e-Ops interface between aircraft/airline ground facilities to manage flight operations/maintenance activities, and communications with the associated ground tools.

This time-saving test method and its rapid set-up has been recognised by the top management of Airbus customers – who are enthusiastic about the concept, considering it a major change and a key enabler to secure their aircraft's route to maturity.

Due to its success, Airline 1 has continued to function after the A350-900 service entry by being connected with the customer airline tracking system AIRTAC.

Based on the press release “Airline 1: supporting a smooth A350 XWB commercial service entry”

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