31 March 2015

No orders in 1st Quarter of 2015 for A350 XWB.

A350 XWB family has not received new orders in the first 3 months of 2015.

Source: Florent Peraudeau

Last new order was for 25 A350-900 in Nov/2014 from Delta.

Current backlog is 778 aircraft after 2 deliveries to Qatar

Meanwhile, A330neo has received in March/2015 an order for 25 aircraft from ALC lease company.

The A330neo has common type rating with A350 and A330 and 95% of spares commonality with A330.

Source: Airbus

Boeing has 7 net orders for 787 in Q1/2015 (including 3 787-10 ordered by Japanese ANA some days ago) and 7 net orders for 777 (5 from Korean and 2 from unidentified customers).

For Q2/2015, with Paris Air Show in mid-June, news about the A350-800 model are expected (currently with 16 orders backlog) as well as some orders announcement during the air show.


  1. I don't want to nick pick but total orders is 780. Backlog is 778 because 2 are delivered :-)

  2. Thanks for your comment. Fixed

  3. As I have said before on other blog posts Airbus's "ramp up" is non existent.From their own statements of 3 per month end of 2014 and 5 per month at end of 2015 they are at least 7 Aircraft adrift. Customers,with the shambles of the A380 in mind, need to see a firm commitment with deliveries being met along side the ramp up needed to achieve this. Rolls Royce met its part in being able to produce as many engines required for any ramp up requirement. Now because of the very slow pace of the A350 Rolls Royce find themselves with over capacity! What a mess. No wonder there are no extra orders for the A350! Boeing will not be slow in seeing this as an advantage and mentioning it to customers as they try to win yet more orders for the 777x

  4. Well,well, just seen the last announcement- 17 aircraft in final assembly. That shows customers that Airbus is confident of the aircraft and bodes well for future sales