01 April 2015

The economy Minister of Bavaria visits A350 work in progress at Premium Aerotec

The economy Minister of Bavaria, Ilse Aigner, has visited for the first time premium AEROTEC in Augsburg.

Focus of the visit was the visit to the A350 XWB production site.

Minister Aigner was informed by Dr. Hoppe –Premium Aerotec CEO- about the current the ramp-up of A350 production and about the necessary & upcoming changes of the company, which employs about 4.000 people in Augsburg.

"Premium AEROTEC is in a difficult situation. It is good to see the high commitment on the reconstruction of the company” Economics Minister Ilse Aigner said.

During their tour to the A350 fuselage shells manufacturing and assembly site, Bavaria's Economics Minister Ilse Aigner was accompanied by Michael May (Head of shells Assembly), Matthias Spengler (Head of A350 production), Joachim Nägele (Head of Programs) and Dr. Christoph Hoppe (CEO).

In parallel to the A350-900 ramp-up (with 30 shipsets delivered), Augsburg site has recently started with the production of the fuselage shells (section 16/18) for A350-1000.

Based on the press release “Bayerns Wirtschaftsministerin zu Gast bei Premium AEROTEC”.

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