05 April 2015

A350 production ramp-up, as planned.

With pictures shown by Airbus of the MSN24 (TAM) fuselage join start last week, there are currently 17 aircraft in the Final Assembly Line.

Source: Airbus

The Qatar´s MSN9 is currently finishing test flights and will be delivered in coming days/weeks. The MSN8 is with the cabin furnishing as well as MSN10. All these 3 aircraft will be delivered in Q2/2015.


The next 3 aircraft for Qatar (MSN11, MSn12 and MSN13) are also under cabin furnishing activities and initially their delivery is planned for Q3/2015.


The MSN14, first aircraft for Vietnam Airlines is at C65 hangar with engine-installation and cabin furnishing has started. The Paris Air Show is a good opportunity for Vietnam Airlines to show their aircraft.

The MSN15-MSN16-MSN17 for Vietnam Airlines too progresses as planned and will be delivered in the Q4/2015.


3 aircraft for Finnair (MSN18-MSN19-MSN20) finishing the final assembly will be delivered before end of the year too. And next 2 aircraft MSN22-MSN23 will probably delivered in January 2016.
Source: Clement Alloing
MSN21, the first aircraft of the optimized configuration called batch3, is for Qatar Airways and is targeted for delivery before end of 2015.

Source: Airbus

The production ramp-up is going as planned and deliveries to airlines also, more or less, as scheduled.


  1. Great! 17 in final assembly-that's more likely! Push on for more,tells your customers you mean business and are confident about the Aircraft.

  2. 17 in final assembly- 3per month 2015, totals 36 year end 2015
    5per month 2016 totals 60 year end 2016

    another 19 by this years end required to keep to ramp up pace.36 this year.