02 April 2015

Spanish charter-airline Evelop signs MoU for a A350-900 due 2019.

Evelop is under negotiations with Airbus to substitute an A330-300 with an A350-900 by beginning of 2019.

Evelop Airlines is an airline based at Palma de Mallorca (Spain) that operates a selection of short and long haul flights out of Spain on behalf of tour operators. It's the replace company of Orbest and currently it´s fleet is an A320-200 and a A330-300.

Source: Thomas Jansen

Barceló Viajes Group´s charter-airline has signed a Memorandum of Undertanding MoU to lease an A350-900.

The operation still need the approval of the Barceló Viajes Board of Directors.  

Arrival of the A350-900 in 2019 is planned to substitute the A330-300 (CS-TRH) that currently joins Spain and Caribbean Islands.

Evelop is planning to add a second A330 this month and also plans to increase it´s services to La Habana (Cuba), Punta Cana and Cancun (Mexico) for this summer.  

Based on the article “Evelop negocia la llegada de un A350 para 2019” published inPreferente.com 


  1. "Going slow to get it right!" Ha Ha Ha Ha

  2. I must temper my last blog-just seen latest announcement, 17 aircraft in final assembly. Thats really good news ,show Airbus is confident of the aircraft anf bodes well for future sales.

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  5. I think Evelop is operating out of Las Palmas (Spain) and not Palma de Mallorca