21 April 2015

Cathay Pacific A350s more for relax-sleeping than for drinking & chating.

Cathay Pacific said its forthcoming Airbus A350s won't include an inflight bar where business class passengers can do some sky-high socialising.

Source: Felix Gottwald

With the majority of Cathay Pacific's flights including an overnight component, the airline said that passengers rate comfort and sleep as a higher priority.

"The feedback from our passengers suggests that they are not inclined towards having a communal or lounge area in the cabin" said Rachel Khong, Cathay Pacific's Manager of Product for Premium Cabins & Ground.

"Feedback indicates that they are concerned about noise pollution caused by other passenger mingling in the communal area, which would disrupt their relaxation or sleep."

"Furthermore, a number of our passengers also indicated that they do not prefer to socialise inflight, and would rather spend their time relaxing within the privacy of their seat."

Inflight bars are of course de rigueur for the best Airbus A380s with Emirates, Etihad and Qatar all offering their own take on a social space for drinks, snacks and chats at 40.000 feet.

Based on the article “Cathay Pacific Airbus A350 won't have an inflight bar” published in Australian Business Traveller.

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  1. Good for them,if someone gets a bit jolly over a few drinks at the bar, then its obvious it puts airline staff in a problem that does not need to be there,plus an annoyance to other passengers trying to sleep on a long haul flight. Most people,in business seats,are bored with flying and try to overcome this by sleeping through the flight.