11 April 2015

Delivery from Premium Aerotec of the Composite Door-Frame for A350-1000.

Premium Aerotec has delivered the first door-frame made of  carbon fiber composite material (CFRP) for the A350-1000.

Compared to the conventional door-frame made of metal, the new composite door-frames save weight and costs. 

The production of the door-frame structure involved approximately 65 employees in the site of Varel in Premium Aerotec. 

The CFRP portion of the door-frame is 85%, whith titanium and aluminium detail parts for remaining 15%.

"We are pleased, that the door-frame is delivered on time and on quality. This door frame was developed in a completely new technology, a special challenge for all involved", said Gerd Weber, site manager of Premium Aerotec in Varel, at a ceremony. Also the staff of the Varel site attended the event jointly with representatives of Airbus as a customer.

Oliver Theilken, head of the door-frame installation in Varel highlighted also the excellent performance of his team and the good cooperation with the other involved areas: "the all-new design was a challenging task. But we succeeded to develop a viable industrial concept, thanks to the relevant expertise that is established on the site of Varel."

After it´s delivery, the 7 door-frames will be installed at Premium Aerotec in Nordenham on the fuselage section 13/14.

Based on the press release "Premium AEROTEC liefert ersten aus CFK gefertigten Türrahmen für A350-1000 aus"