28 April 2015

A350 flights to Nepal with medics and relief supplies.

MSN5 flight prototype with cabin interior is flying to Katmandu transporting aid relief and medical personnel on behalf of several French NGOs.

Source: Constantin Rulffs

The A350 will on it's return-flight repatriate roughly 200 French nationals.

Airbus Fundation is working with Nepal Airlines in a delivery flight of an A320 this week from Hamburg.

Update1: onboard high nutritious food products provided by Action contre la Faim, medical equipment and personnel for Médecins du Monde, emergency freight and personnel on behalf of Pompiers du Rhône and 25 humanitarian personnel, six medical personnel and two from the French Foreign Ministry.


The aircraft returned back to France in less than a day after picking up more than 200 survivors at Katmandu airport.

The A350 touched down Paris CDG airport at 5.45am with 206 people on board. 

There were 12 children and 26 injured people, 2 of them in a very serious condition.

Although the large majority were French, there were also Germans, Swiss, Italians, Portuguese, Turks and Koreans.

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  1. French NGO's have done good job, And i guess they will be more help.
    Whole world are helping Nepal And All world's government appreciate to INDIA for Help the Nepal.

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