07 April 2015

A350 customer Yemenia suspends its operations «until further notice»

The security deterioration in Yemen has impacted Yemenia. The national carrier of the Yemen has announced that it is suspending its operations "until further notice" because of the combats and the airspace restrictions impossed.

During the last attacks, El Rahaba airport of Sana was damaged, both the tarmac and the terminal.

Source: Manuel Belleli

Current fleet of Yemenia consists of 7 aircraft : 3 Airbus A310-300, 2 A320 and 2 A330-200.

Source: Manuel Belleli

Yemenia has an order of 10 A350-900 after they converted last January their order of A350-800s in larger aircraft.

Other companies as Gulf Air, Qatar Airways, Emirates and Etihad have also suspended its flights to the capital of Yemen.

Based on the article « Yemenia suspend son activité » published in Air Journal

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