20 April 2015

Diehl A350 interior´s main partner will move to a bigger Hamburg site.

Diehl has unveiled plans to move into a new location in Hamburg, as it attempts the complex balancing act of consolidating operations, after a period of rapid growth, while continuing to expand.

The new Hamburg site is part of a plan to reduce the number of its aerosystems division's locations in the city from 7 to 3.

Two locations are conveniently located beside the Airbus plant, while the 3rd, new, site will bring together staff scattered at multiple locations north of the river.

The division has seen phenomenal growth in recent times: “Aviation within Diehl has grown by a factor of 5 over the past 6 years – half through organic growth and half by acquisitions,” says divisional president Rainer von Borstel.

“We’re in the transition phase from development to the series phase,” says von Borstel, and the company is fine-tuning its operations to handle that ramp-up.

Based on the article “Diehl plans Hamburg site expansion” published in Flight Global.

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