10 April 2015

FACC starts series deliveries to Rolls-Royce for A350 engine components

The FACC AG has reached an important milestone in their participation in the Trent XWB engine family of Rolls-Royce: the Austrian aviation supplier started the series production of innovative cladding components in the fan housing of the Trent XWB engine.

"I would like to thank for this outstanding team performance. Everyone worked superbly and with a high focus on the project. Concerning the forthcoming production ramp-up, I can be very confident", said Chris Cholerton, Rolls Royce EVP fans & compressors.

The start of series production of the Trent XWB engine composites components represents the successful completion of the multi-year development participation of FACC in the promising engine program.

"The schedule of the project was challenging. The timely start of series production of engine components for the Trent XWB program is an important step for FACC and underlines our desire to generate high added value for the program", said Walter Stephan, Chairman of FACC AG.

"In the year 2017 will have reached full production rate”.

Source: publico.pt
The Rolls-Royce engine composites order package includes four different engine components: 

The fan track liner panels in the fan housing, which 3 major functions are to make them a contact seal the engine blades, prevent turbulence and thus significantly improve the performance of the engine.

Secondly, they absorb the energy of ice beating up and hail. Also, the high-strength carbon assume an important role in the containment of damage in the case of a theoretical blade fracture parts. 

The acoustic is sound-absorbing trim liners. The use of composite technology helps achieving a significant noise reduction with only minimal extra weight and high strength.

In addition, FACC manufactures strut fairings and drainage panels.

Based on the press release “FACC startet Serienfertigung von Trent XWB Triebwerkskomponenten”

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