24 May 2013

A350 XWB evacuation slides are manufactured by the same US supplier than those shown in the 787

Air Cruises is a company with 78 years that can be considered the world leader in evacuation systems with over 60% market share. Since 1987, AirCruisers has been a subsidiary of the Zodiac Groupe of Paris. The merger provided synergy for both that strengthened both companies' positions in their respective markets.

They invented the first inflatable evacuation slide and provide evacuation systems to Airbus for A320 family and to Boeing for almost all the models, including 787 in the picture below.

Air Cruisers offers a complete line of inflatable safety products: evacuation slides and slide rafts, life vests, life rafts and helicopter floats. They produced the first one-person life raft, the first inflatable life vests and the first vacuum packed inflatable life vest, and remains after 60 years of innovative ideas and experience, the industry standard for aviation inflatable safety technology.


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