20 May 2013

Two first flight-test-aircraft MSN1 & MSN3 in the same hangar. Picture

Finally, It has been published the picture of the MSN1 (with engines) and MSN3 in the same hangar (C63) when they met each other on the 3rd week of April.

The MSN3 was moved out of the FAL on its wheels and spent a few days in the C63 hangar next to its twin MSN1 to undergo lightning tests that are required for First Flight Clearance. After those tests, MSN3 returned to the FAL.

Meanwhile, MSN1 remained for some days in the C63 hangar preparing Ground Vibration Tests and trying to finish the FTI- Flight Test Installation.

The MSN3 has a very similar configuration as MSN1, only with some FTI differences.

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