03 May 2013

A350 XWB is the first commercial aircraft capable of flying with total hydraulic failure.

A350 XWB is the first commercial airplane to adopt EHAs (electrohydrostatic actuators) flight control technologies, a step forward to the “all-electric airplane”. EHAs are electrically powered but use hydraulic pumps and reservoirs that transform electrical power into hydraulic power.

Main advantage is the large savings in terms of weight and space (e.g., reduction in the size of pipelines, actuators and other components, power generation equipment, tubing, amount of fluid required), as well as ease of installation.

A350 XWB is the first commercial aircraft capable of flying with total hydraulic failure, using electricity to operate the flight control surfaces.

Moog is providing the design, integration and certification support for the Primary Flight Control Actuation on the A350 XWB.  Moog provides 27 discrete actuators and associated control electronics on this program.  This system includes a mix of electrohydraulic (EH) and advanced electrohydrostatic (EHA) actuators to control the aileron, elevator, rudder and spoiler flight surfaces.

Moog is also supplying the Trailing Edge Actuation System for the A350 XWB including the power control unit, inboard and outboard geared rotary actuators, gearboxes, wing tip brakes and other miscellaneous components.

 Moog is pioneering the use of Electrohydrostatic Actuator (EHA) technology in flight controls for the next generation of military and commercial aircraft.  Moog has spent the last 2 decades refining and maturing EHA technology, readying it for today’s modern aircraft.

Over this period, Moog has developed simplex and dual redundant actuators, dual and triplex redundant actuator controllers and highly integrated designs with on-board power and control electronics. Moog’s EHA technology is being used as the basis for both the A400M and A350 XWB.


  1. seems like from now onward all aircraft could fly with total hydraulic failure.well,quite interesting fact about total hydraulic failure but could anybody help me out with the working of electric actuator.


  2. Use hydraulic reservoirs?
    I was of the opinion that EHA are self contained and there is no reservoir in a given EHA module.
    Please correct me if am wrong.