02 May 2013

Alestis achieves the First Flight clearance for the tail cone of the A350 XWB

Alestis Aerospace and Teams testing laboratory, located in Aeropolis (aerospace technology park of Andalusia) in Spain, have announced today that they have achieved the FFC First Flight Clearance for the Tail Cone (section 19.1). This milestone is only one step of the Full Scale of the tail cone that is under development in Teams´ facilities, close to Spanish Tier 1 Alestis headquartes.

Airbus continues with the roadmap set to control the majority of the shares of Alestis and the final agreement could be signed before this summer.
Two were the conditions that Airbus put to become the main shareholder of the company with a 21.5 million € of investment and to take full control of the company and, at the same time, ensure the viability. The first one, the application of an adjustment plan is already approved and 312 jobs will be removed. The second one, more complex, is being discussed; a bigger flexibility to return the loan of 90 million from the Spanish Government and European funds.
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Alestis is full responsible for the development and manufacturing of the tail cone (section 19.1) and the belly fairing. Airbus rescued the company after the management of the main shareholder Alcor Group had seriously compromised the development of the A350 program.

Based on the article “Alestis logra la autorización del primer vuelo para el cono de cola del A350 XWB” and on the article” Cada vez más cerca su total desembarco en Alestis” published in La Voz Digital.

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