08 May 2013

MSN1, the first flying A350 XWB, in the way to the paint shop.

The first Airbus A350 XWB jetliner made a short trip to the paint shop Monday as it readies for its coming first flight. It’s an extremely rare moment in the life of any new jetliner and happens about once per decade for passenger plane manufacturers.

The shots are the first time the jet has been seen complete with its engines attached. Airbus didn’t release photos of the jet’s “roll out” in Toulouse, but an aviation photographer — who requested anonymity — captured the moment on Monday:

A person familiar with the 300-passenger A350’s preparations say its Rolls-Royce engines could be powered-up for the first time as soon as the next 2 weeks once it leaves the paint shop.

Based on the article “First Look at a Complete Airbus A350” published in The Wall Street Journal

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