13 May 2013

First A350 XWB painting completed. Pictures and video of the MSN001

Painting of the first A350 XWB “MSN001” was today fully completed as it emerged in its Airbus livery out from the paintshop in Toulouse.

It’s flight-test instrumentation is largely installed, along with it’s Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engines. MSN001 also has completed a series of ground vibration tests.
Unlike previous aircraft debuts, Airbus did not hold a roll-out ceremony, but it did present the aircraft to a group of employees when rolling out the MSN1 from the paint hangar, where the aircraft has been painted in less than a week.

Next milestone will be on Friday 17/May when it is scheduled the hand over by the flight-test department, industry sources tell Aviation Week.

click on the picture to see a video of the rool out
Once transferred to the flight-test department, the aircraft will undergo its last phases of ground testing, including high-speed taxi tests. Airbus will not comment on the exact timing of these tests.
click on the picture to see a video of the rool out

Sources familiar with the program say that it will take about 20 days to prepare the aircraft for first flight.

click on the picture to see a video of the rool out
Airbus has indicated that it is unlikely the A350 will fly before the Paris Air Show in June, but the 20-day period ends about one week before the opening of the show at Le Bourget.
First-flight dates can be affected by weather problems or last-minute technical issues.

Based on the article “Airbus Rolls Out First A350” published by Aviation Week

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