20 June 2013

A350 XWB Centre fuselage section for Fatigue Test shipped to the Test-house.

The centre fuselage for the fatigue test specimen -which must survive 86.400 simulated flights- has arrived at IABG in Erding. Two semiwings are scheduled to arrive at Erding by the end of June to start the join-up in July. First tests are planned for early 2014.

The Beluga brought the centre fuselage from St.Nazaire to the Munich airport and from there, a special heavy truck shipped the fuselage section to Erding.

According to IABG, the objective of structural testing is "to proof the strength, fatigue and damage tolerance of aircraft primary structure, which is almost completely made by composite materials". In the test, all loads occurring in the flight operations are simulated. 86.400 flights are 3 times of the intended service-life.

Based on the article “New Airbus will be tested in Erding” published in Süddeustche


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