23 June 2013

China and Russia launch a study for alternative aircraft that will compete against the 787 and the A350 XWB.

When the wide-body aircraft market is a shared duopoly between Boeing (787 & 777 families) and Airbus (A350 family), it seems that China and Russia have launched pre-feasibility studies for a jointly developed wide-body aircraft project.

China and Russia will work together to carry out market, conceptual design, key technologies, basic comprehensive, business and other five areas demonstration and research work. By 2015 it is scheduled to complete the preliminary joint evaluation work after identifying key technologies, conducting research studies, defining the Sino-Russian cooperation, the economic feasibility and airworthiness certification requirements.

The Russian Minister of Industry and Trade, Mr. Yuri Slusar said that the wide-body aircraft project will be funded by the Russian side to provide technical and commercial fund, although the joint venture will be located in China.

The range-target for the new wide-body aircraft will be 18.500 km, bigger than ranges of 787 and A350.

Based on the article “Challenges B787 and A350: Russian wide-body aircraft project surfaced” published in Financial News


  1. The earlier rumors I heard about this project specified a range of about 5000 km, kind of an Il-86 replacement. Now it is 18500km???
    This doesn't make sense.
    If they are clever about it they should make it with a range between 9000 and 12000 km, and aim for the mid-range market

  2. A friend of mine,flew with his girl friend back to Russia VIA Aeroflot-when it landed all the passengers clapped,when he asked why,he was told because it had arrived!! Me I'll fly Boeing and Airbus thanks