14 June 2013

First flight. Pictures during the flight

Some pictures of the FIRST FLIGHT will be uploaded in this post.

After validating all the flap configurations, chief test pilot Peter Chandler signalled that the aircraft was "behaving extremely well", cruising at 13,000ft, and that the crew was preparing to climb to 25,000ft to explore a higher speed regime.
The aircraft reached 25,000ft about 3h after take-off and then headed west towards Pau.

Some 30min after lift-off the aircraft, travelling at about 190kt, retracted its landing-gear for the first time.


  1. Awesome and very modern looking plane, on the ground and now inflight.



  2. Congrats to the XWB team - looking forward to flying on this sexy plane

  3. Would like to know where you got the image of the landing gear retracting. Would it be possible to get that in high-res? It would be for use in an article I'm writing about the landing gear door for publication in High-Performance Composites magazine. I will credit you as the source.

  4. http://doubledecker.boards.net/thread/31/a350-msn1?page=44