11 June 2013

Japan´s ANA says to Boeing that the A350-1000 is a good candidate to replace 777s. Compensation on 787 grounding starts to be negotiated.

Japan's All Nippon Airways considers the Airbus A350 a "good candidate" to replace some Boeing 777s, its chief executive said, in a sign that the airline could place its first order for Airbus big jets.
787 grounding has oppened some eyes in Japan

"The A350-1000 can be a good candidate for us," Osamu Shinobe said on the sidelines of an airlines conference. "It is realistic to consider this as a replacement for the 777. In the near future, when we look at the replacement candidates, this can be a very good and strong candidate."

Japanese airlines have long been considered a fortress for Airbus's US rival Boeing. Japan Airlines is also considered a candidate to buy the Airbus A350-1000.

Boeing is offering a revamped version of its best-selling wide-body jet, the 777, but so far ANA is not "aggressively" looking at the so-called 777-9X upgraded model, Shinobe said.

The decision will not be taken in Paris Air Show; “I’d be very surprised, but I can say I’m looking for an improvement in our market share in Japan. We have nowhere to go but up. I would be hopeful we will get a breakthrough in Japan, but I don’t want to predict a timeline,” Leahy said. Breaking Boeing’s decades-long monopoly is not easy job.

Based on the article “ANA chief says A350 "good candidate" to replace Boeing 777s” published in Reuters.


  1. Just CEO talk,trying to get both Aircraft manufacture's to cut prices.

  2. its my opinon but i think that airbus will be put back because of the new 777-9x model the new big plane is made personally to make passengers to feel safe and it will fly much farther than the stupid airbus but remeber thats all of my opinion ( sorry if i mispelled any words )

  3. I think that Airbus will launch the A350-1100 in 2014 once the A380 orderbook is "completed".

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