13 January 2014

A350 XWB completes high altitude testing in Bolivia

The A350 XWB development aircraft MSN3 has completed in Bolivia a series of tests at the high altitude airfields of Cochabamba and La Paz.

Operations at such high altitude airfields are particularly demanding on aircraft engines, Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) and systems.

The aim of these trials has been to demonstrate and validate the full functionality of engines, systems, materials as well as to assess the overall aircraft behavior under these extreme conditions.

A number of take-offs with all engines operating and with simulated engine failures were performed at each of the airfields to collect data on engine operating characteristics and compare with the same data from Toulouse tests. With these data, Airbus can validate the aircraft take-off performance and can be interpolated without penalty for airports worldwide.

More pictures available at http://www.flickr.com/photos/banzinho/11931953023/in/photostream/

The autopilot behavior has been also evaluated during automatic landings and go-arounds as well as avionics ventilation, APU bleed requirements, pax/crew oxygen systems and handling in flare.

Next stop; Martinique.

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