10 January 2014

Airbus A350-900 Entry Into Service likely to slip to late-October or early-November from early September.

Aspire Aviation points out that the launch of the 777X appears to have halted much of the sales momentum that the A350-1000 had gathered, though there are marginal incremental orders to be gained, especially if Airbus formally moves the A350-1000 up in entry into service (EIS) of mid-2017 ahead of the A350-800′s in mid-2016.

In 2014, most orders will be for the A350-900, though there are not many major campaigns in progress at the moment for the type beyond Japanese ANA.

Additionally, further conversion action away from the A350-800 is very likely to be observed. Only 61 orders for the type remain, and Hawaiian Airlines and Asiana could very easily move up to the A350-900, as Aeroflot has already converted 10 of its 22 A350 orders to the -900 variant, making a further conversion seems likely and the new American Airlines (AA) converting all its outstanding or 18 -800 orders to the -900 variant.

Pictures available at http://www.flickr.com/photos/aircrafts/

Given the current economic situations in Yemen and Libya, Yemenia and Afriqiyah Airways seem unlikely to follow through on their orders at all.

Regarding entry-into-service (EIS), Airbus continues to aim for an early-September EIS for the A350, although Aspire Aviation believes that the A350′s service entry will likely slip to late October or early November.

Based on the article “Aerospace & Defence in 2014” published in Aspire Aviation.


  1. Don't listen to Aspire.

    In reply 20, Zeke totally debunked the bogus Qantas "load factor statement" by Aspire Aviation that supposedly, the A380 only has a passenger load factor barely hovering over the 50 percent mark. Based on this "analysis", Aspire believes that Qantas should cancel their remaining 8 A380s on order.


    Sadly, Aspire Aviation excels in nothing but regurgitating Boeing marketing and to bash the A380 at every opportunity.

    1. As of today, that should be reply #17 in the above link.

  2. Yes Aspire is a pro-boeing website..
    To take with a grain of salt.