20 November 2015

50MB on-board Wi-Fi on Singapore Airlines A350s

Singapore Airlines will deploy high-speed connectivity on its A350 fleet, with Sitaonair providing the passenger connectivity services (Wi-Fi and mobile phone text and data services).

Source: Airbus

The installation of the first Inmarsat GX Aviation system powered by Honeywell’s JetWave satellite communications hardware is scheduled for the end of 2016.

The 3rd GX Aviation satellite was successfully launched at the end of August, completing the constellation that provides consistent global coverage.

GX Aviation provides data speeds of up to 50MBs to the aircraft: for the very first time, there really will be no difference between being in the air and being on the ground.

The onboard Wi-Fi will reflect what most people are used to at home.

Thales will provide the airborne connectivity system for the A350-900s with Sitaonair providing the Wi-Fi Internet and Mobile phone service.

And Zodiac Inflight Innovations will provide the JetWave GX Aviation Satcom for the A350.

Based on the article “Singapore Airlines will deploy high-speed connectivity” published in eturbonews.com


  1. No difference, apart from the horrendous 1.8s latency!

  2. I believe the speed will be up to 50 Mbps and not 50 MBs, correct?