01 November 2015

Helsinki Airport upgrade plan to suit Finnair´s A350s.

Finnair's drive to extend its Asian business is complemented by new works at Finavia-operated Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, which will spend up to €900 million ($1 billion) on upgrading to suit aircraft such as Finnair's A350.

SOurce: Finnair

"We will concentrate our improvements on capacity for widebody aircraft," said Finavia spokesperson Kaisa Venermo.

Source: Alain kniebs

The airport plans to double its widebody-capable airbridges from 8 to 16 within the next 5 years, with "a bias in facility provision towards Asian passengers," said Venermo.

Source: aviationdiecastforum

Based on the article “Finnair to start Singapore A350 flights June 2016” published in Air Transport World

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