19 November 2015

Airbus talking to Emirates, Etihad, Qatar for A350-900ULR

Airbus has tipped Emirates, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways as likely buyers of its A350-900 ultra-long range jet, which can fly for up to 19 hours at a stretch.

Source: Felix Gottwald

"There will be a lot of appetite for that aircraft," Airbus COO John Leahy remarked to the media during last week's Dubai Airshow, adding that "right now, we’re talking to several customers."

The long-legged A350-900ULR would unlock a raft of new non-stop routes for the 3 Gulf powerhouse airlines, although those flights would carry around far fewer passengers as a conventional jet to help reduce weight and boost range.

Source: DN280

Singapore Airlines has already ordered 7 of the A350-900ULR jetliners, the first of which will be used to restart non-stop flights from Singapore to Los Angeles and New York in 2018.

Source: Airbus

Emirates, Etihad and Qatar could well join the Singaporean flag-carrier, reports Gulf News.

Based on the article “Airbus eyes Emirates, Etihad, Qatar for ultra long-range A350” published in Australian Business Traveller.


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