04 November 2015

Spirit: “Q4 will see largest number of A350 shipsets for Airbus yet.”

During the presentation of 3Q/2015 Financial results by Spirit Aerosystems, the President and Chief Executive Officer Larry Lawson said: “We´re making really good progress on A350 XWB”.

Spirit delivered to Airbus 8 shipsets in Q3/2015. This is one less than in Q2/2015.

Lawson pointed out that the A350 learning curve is coming down, with “increasingly better position to identify cost reduction opportunities.”

"Preparing for production rate increases has been one of our top priorities this year.  We are executing to plan on rate increases for the 737, A320, 787 and A350. “

“We are managing the ramp up with great detail to address the full value chain and protect our gains in quality," said President and Chief Executive Officer Larry Lawson.

"We are confident about the long term outlook for our business and the health of our balance sheet," Lawson added.

Spirit AeroSystems reported Q3/2015 financial results driven by positive operating performance of mature programs. 

Spirit's Q3/2015 revenues were $1.6 billion, down 6% compared to the same period of 2014 primarily due to the Gulfstream wing divestiture and lower revenues recognized on the 787 program.

Based on the press release “Spirit AeroSystems Holdings, Inc. Reports Third Quarter 2015 Financial Results; Revenues of $1.6 Billion and Adjusted EPS of $0.89”

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  1. Here is yet another example of the load put on suppiers by both Airbus and Boeing. With Airbus even considering a slow down of the A330 build during transition to the A330neo.The orders in the pipeline for Airbus and Boeing are enormous, suppliers problems affecting their ability to deliver. Airbus has tried to help the suppliers with cash and infostructure and has succeeded. So I dont think there will be any annoucement at the Dubai Airshow of new models, if fact I think it will be a period of concentration in delivering products to their said customers and getting some returns on their huge outlays.Cancellation of the A380neo project would assist in this with both finance and resources and help to push on the A350-900/1000.
    I am sure Airbus in particular has thought of all this, so I say good luck Aibus and welcome the future