25 November 2015

Airbus not considering to develop a specific A350-900 version for Emirates.

The Airbus CEO has brushed off requests by Emirates airline for an A350 aircraft that copes better with hot and humid conditions.

Source: Airbus

Emirates said last month that it would postpone a decision to choose between the Boeing 787-10 aircraft or Airbus A350-900 – depending on which manufacturer would work with Emirates on its requirements.

“The A350-900 has much more flexibility when you want to take off in a very hot and humid condition,” Fabrice BrĂ©gier, president and CEO of Airbus said at the Dubai Airshow.

Emirates, the biggest operator of the Boeing 777 aircraft, has been considering an order of as many as 100 long-range planes.

Mr BrĂ©gier added that his company had sold the A350 to Qatar Airways –launch customer- and that the climate between Doha and Dubai was “not that different”.

He said: “If it works for Qatar Airways, I suspect that it will also work for Emirates. It is not much hotter here.”

Source: Airbus

Emirates cancelled an order for 70 A350 planes in June/2014.

The Dubai airline said it wanted to see the plane performing before it makes a decision.

Based on the article “A350 works for Qatar Airways, so should also work for Emirates, Airbus chief says.” published in The National



  1. Agreed. Enough dancing with Emirates. I find it interesting that despite all the hype for the 777-X orders seemed to have stalled at 300. The 777-300ER had approx 750 orders and the A380 around 350. There is no certainty the remaining 450 300-ER will replaced with larger -9X sized planes. Airbus position seems to be just right. A stretched -1000 only to be launched if necessary and if there is appetite for it outside of the middle east.

    Personally, I find that the 787 is trapped between the A330 Neo and the A350-900. If the -1000 is stretched and has a range of lets say 7000 nm, then the -10 is further trapped and the case for a -9X for missions up to 7000 nm less appealing.

  2. .Agree again. I think Fabrice Bregier is correct, why develop an aircraft just for one customer,bearing in mind the 70 A350's cancelled and who would probably change his mind,cancel and still buy Boeing. There is a finite number of very large aircraft, I think you assessment is correct Joe. We can all dream the dream but without a market it is maddness. Which also brings into question the A380neo. The last I heard of this from Airbus was the comment "We will reassess the need in 2022" which in reality is about correct. Yet again a very small market for such a huge investment. The world does not revolve around one man-good for Fabrice Bregier to point it out

  3. I don't think the dance has stopped as must as the cadence has changed. Airbus needs EK as much as EK needs Airbus. That being said the A380 NEO at the very is launched in 7 years but you have to think that in 7 years a lot will have transpired. SQ and EK will be returning older frames back to their lessors. With EK being of the majority in that crowd, do you think they are going to wait until then to only hear Airbus say that they are FINALLY ready to launch the A380 with a debut in 20___?? We heard the same thing with the A330 NEO and that was launched behind our backs.

    It is pretty clear that the 779 is not going to absorb the entire 77W market. The A35K, 779 and 778 with take those orders but before you star stretchng the A35k, it needs to fly first. Then a nd only then will we see what she possesses.

    Trapped? Lest we forget that the A330 NEO was a stop gap to keep the line running due to unfavorable A330 CEO numbers. No denial on my part that its better than the NEO is better than the CEO but between the A359, A35K, A338, A339 and the 788, -9, -10, 778, 779 carriers have more options to in the Boeing lineup. To each his own ...