08 November 2015

Airbus joins the A330neo to the A350 XWB family.

The A330neo will have the same black bandit-mask than the A350 XWB cockpit windscreens.

Source: Clement Alloing

“The A330neo complement the A350 XWB in the new Airbus Long-Range family, so it was only natural that the A330neo should  have the same cockpit shades design than its larger sibling” said Eric Zanin, Head of A330 program.

Source: Airbus

With this marketing movement, it seems Airbus is preparing to officially cancel the A350-800 model, currently on stand-by with 8+8 orders from Asiana and Aeroflot.

A350 XWB and A330neo complement each other in terms of capacity and range - they address different payload and range requirements and operate together seamlessly.

The A330neo is a medium range widebody aircraft while the A350 XWB is a long range widebody plane.


Source: Singapore Airlines

A common type rating allows A330 pilots to qualify on the A350 XWB in only 8 days and fly on both aircraft under a single license – thus offering unbeatable cost efficiencies for airlines.

Airbus, with the A330neo customers will try the passengers on-board do not distinguish between the A330neo and A350 XWB cabins regarding technology and comfort experience.

The A330-800neo and the A330-900neo are two new members of the Airbus Widebody Family launched in July/2014 with 1st deliveries scheduled to start in Q4/2017.

Based on the press release "Shades livery now also on new A330neo".

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  1. .All very pretty but reading a comment from Bloomberg at the dubai airshow:-
    "People haven't a true measure of what this thing will do (A350) the ramp up rate needs to be pushed a bit,its taken them forever to get this thing up" Clark said. Now we see Clark is getting a bit techy, presumably because Airbus have not announced the A380neo will go ahead but its not good for someone of his stature complaining about the A350- what next Airbus?