02 November 2015

Airbus keeps on with 15 deliveries target of A350 in 2015.

With 10 A350 delivered to 3 customers as of today, the target of delivering 15 aircraft on 2015 is more than “challenging”.


The first A350 was delivered on 2014, so there are 6 aircraft left to be delivered in 2 months to meet the target.


This is the status of these 6 aircraft in the Final Assembly Line at Toulouse:

Source: A380_TLS_A350

MSN13 Qatar Airways    in the Flight-line.

Test registration F-WZFH. 1st Flight 8/Oct and 3 test-flights as of today.

Source: A380_TLS_A350
MSN19 Finnair painted with Oneworld livery. in the Flight-line.

Test registration F-WZFN. 1st Flight 22/Oct (unique test flight until today).

Source: Clement Alloing

MSN17 Vietnam Airlines in the Flight-line.

Test registration F-WZFL. 1st Flight 30/Oct (unique test flight until today).


MSN20 Finnair in the Flight-line.

Test registration F-WZFO. To be airborne in coming days.

Source: Jujug Spotting

MSN24 TAM. Painted.

Test registration F-WZFS. Priority because is the 1st aircraft for a new Customer.


MSN12 Qatar Airways. Not painted yet.

Test registration F-WZFG. Risk of delay.



  1. Good luck in reaching your goal Airbus!

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  3. Lets all hope they reach their target,production next year is supposed to be at 5 per month-Qatar out of the way!

  4. A very slow start for the A350. 5U/month in 2016, well we will see. I am not that optimistic.

  5. The wildcard might be the two airplanes for Qatar. The last two took a long time to deliver. Hopefully those issues have been remedied.