24 November 2015

Turkish Aileron for A350-1000 delivered

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) delivered the first A350-1000 aileron set to Airbus some weeks ago.

Source: TAI

The delivery is part of a 2013 contract between TAI and Airbus.

TAI is a risk-sharing partner of the A350 program in charge of the Aileron design and build for A350 different models.
Source: Alberto Riva

Wholly designed and manufactured by TAI, the aileron sets of the A350 family are made from carbon fiber.

Source: TAI

TAI also produces parts for the A400M, A330 and A320 programs. “All programs are on the serial and ramp-up phase and deliveries are being performed as per schedule,” TAI said.

Based on the article “TAI Delivers First A350-1000 Aileron Set to Airbus” published in DefenseNews

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