03 March 2013

Leahy: "Why take a risk for 60 kilograms?”

Airbus said on 15/Feb it would revert to traditional batteries on the A350, dropping the lighter lithium- ion alternative that led to the 787’s grounding in order to protect the program schedule and avoid certification delays.

“It’s unfortunate that these things happen but safety is the most important thing,” Leahy said. “When incidents happen like what they had with the battery we have to put the fleet on ground till you get it fixed. We’re talking about going back to a proven nickel cadmium battery technology that would be about 60 kilograms heavier. Why take a risk for 60 kilograms?”

787 battery issue not fixed yet.
Boeing is offering a battery redesign for the 787 to answer safety concerns after the jet’s grounding on 16/Jan as a result of incidents in which lithium batteries smoldered and emitted smoke, people with knowledge of the plan said. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration is reviewing the proposed redesign.

Based on the article “Airbus Plans A350 Assembly Boost as 787 Woes Fail to Dent Sales” published in Bloomberg


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